Monday, November 1, 2010

Post-APE hangover

Man, APE was awesome. It's taken me about two weeks to digest it all! I want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to learn about Postcard Comics and to those who decided to pick up some of my stuff!

As of right now, I'm listening to Lady Antebellum[don't hate] and impatiently moving my knee up and down because I don't quite feel like working on my MFA homework, when all I want to work on is the next installment of Postcard Comics! I have a feeling that postcards will win out... but I don't think anyone will mind[aside from my teacher.]

If y'all didn't have a chance to pick up my postcards at APE, you can find them at the Cartoon Art Museum located on Mission and 3rd [in San Francisco] or at Whatever Comics located in the Castro [in San Francisco.]

Post again, soon,